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About the Method


Beautiful skating technique can be learned. It's not just a matter of "natural talent". The foundation of a skater’s technique is created from confident balance on the blade. 

The GravityGlide(R)
 method of skating:

  •  Defines precise placement of weight on the blade based on  function 

  •  Works “from the blade up,” so every skater knows how to maintain balance while creating efficient speed

  •  Uses Feldenkrais principles to create new movement habits . 

Because all elements of GravityGlide(R) skills work together, advanced skills are built on a strong foundation and become understandable and  attainable.   Doing novel exercises on ice develops new skills.

The GravityGlide(R) method was designed for intermediate adult skaters who wish to make substantial improvements in balance and speed.  With GravityGlide(R), every adult can improve their figure skating and develop a lifelong enjoyment of the glories of gliding.

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