About the Method


Beautiful skating technique can be learned.  The foundation of a skater’s technique is created from confident balance on the blade.  It starts with knowing how to create a vertical axis skeletally.

The GravityGlide(R)
 method of skating:

  • Specifies how each skater can create a vertical axis

  •  Teaches  how to create efficient speed and maintain balance

  •  Defines weight placement  on the blade by  function . 

  • Unites the brain and the body through movement based on the Feldenkrais Method

All elements of GravityGlide(R) skills require precise skeletal organization. Advanced skills are built on that strong foundation and become understandable and attainable. By presenting unique movement exercises  grounded in Feldenkrais  principles, mind-body patterns change. 

GravityGlide(R) expands the way coaches describe necessary changes in technique. Coaches have a clear blueprint for analyzing their skaters' movement patterns and weight bearing habits.  Their skaters develop a lifelong enjoyment of the glories of gliding with balance and power .

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