"For the first time, I felt safe and comfortable."

Four years ago, I was skating in a ski helmet, falling over backward nearly every time I attempted a 3-turn, and terrified of stroking at speed. I kept taking lessons, but nobody could tell me what I was doing wrong. I was told to "try a little harder and just get over it."  

With Sissel and GravityGlide, I immediately felt safe and comfortable. I've mastered those 3-turns and a few more besides . . . I've made incredible progress and may even compete in the future!

- Serri, age 44

". . . I have now gained essential new insights. . ."

After over 30 years of figure skating with a variety of coaches, I have now gained essential new insights into my skating technique since Sissel became my instructor two years ago.  Her approach to skating begins with an understanding of the blade and how it interacts with the balance of the skater’s body moving through space.  It is not merely a matter of mastering specific steps or figures; her method focuses on an integrated technique that applies to every move.

- Gretchen, age 82


Cheryl's One Foot Glide

Who Benefits from using the GravityGlide® Method?

What our Skaters Say

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GravityGlide skills apply to:

                    Adult skaters who skated as kids

                    Accomplished adult skaters returning to the ice after injury

                    Skaters that have “plateaued” and  are seeking a breakthrough

                    Competitive adult skaters

                    Coaches for adult skaters 

                    Coaches who want to see their adults skaters improve 

   EVERY skater deserves to be taught how to achieve their goals.