Learning to skate on the frozen Mississippi River ignited my lifelong love affair with figure skating.  The exuberance and freedom I experienced made my soul soar.  But improving was elusive, despite decades of lessons. What was missing?

Dear Fellow Skater,

I want every skater, regardless of their initial level of ability, to master the technical skills they need.  Improvement at any age is a matter of uniting the brain (concepts) and the body (execution).  After 10 years of coaching skating and teaching Feldenkrais lessons, I know what has been missing.  The purpose of our workshops is to present skating technique based on an understanding of how the skeleton functions in gravity, with an analysis of common movement patterns, and how to use the blade.  

I want to help every skater discover how to accomplish their skating goals. Once skaters know how to use their blade and their skeleton in gravity, they will master skating skills that seemed impossible. Seeing their joy in mastery is my purpose for creating the GravityGlide(R)
 technique. The things that make skating seem like magic—stability, power and speed—are skills that can be learned.  Attend a workshop and learn how!

​                   - Sissel Svanoe Rhyme

Founder, GravityGlide(R)

             More About Sissel 

Sissel is a USFSA Gold Medalist in Ice Dance, and has passed her Novice MITF and Preliminary Freestyle.  Competitive experience as an adult includes Gold Medalist Senior Adult Dance Midwestern Sectionals (the highest level of competition before the creation of Adult Nationals) and Adult Nationals Gold Dance Competitor.

Sissel is also a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionersm.  She completed the 4 year, 800 hour professional training in The Feldenkrais Method for Somatic Educationsm in 2004. Since then, she has completed 20 CE hours yearly, including topics like "Practical Neuroplasticity".  She currently operates the Feldenkrais Studio of Denver in Greenwood Village, CO. 

Sissel began teaching skating as a USFSA Basic Skills coach (2006).  Since then she has specialized in teaching adults of all ages. She draws on her Feldenkrais background to streamline the learning process for  her adult skaters.  One of them insisted that this Method of teaching skating, now named GravityGlide(R), be shared with others.  As a result, workshops are available to present the GravityGlide(R) Method to adult skaters knowing that they will improve dramatically.


Sissel working with Linda & Mike Biggs

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