Certification Process for Coaches

Interested in becoming a certified coach?

​ The process is straightforward and reasonably priced. Once the coach completes the process, the coach will be listed on the  "Certified Coaches" webpage.  Contact information will be included so potential students can find you. 

1.  Take the GravityGlide(R) workshop.

2. Purchase and learn the material in the GravityGlide(R) workbook.

This 65 page workbook has 3 sections. Section One covers The Blade including placement of functions. Section Two has 2 Parts. Part A covers the skeleton in gravity.  Part B, based on the
Feldenkrais Method(R), analyzes common movement patterns such as walking and describes how
they apply to  learning skating technique. Section 3 on skating technique  includes 27 novel skating exercises. 30 proprietary illustrations created for this workbook clarify concepts.

3. Pass the written GravityGlide(R) test.

4. You, as a coach, must be able to demonstrate all of these skills on-ice and explain them.
At your convenience, set up two hours with Sissel to demonstrate these elements.