2019 Rates for Rinks & Clubs

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 "First Choice" Booking

The first 5 organizations to contract  for 2019 can present this workshop for a flat fee of $750.   GravityGlide’s travel expenses will be waived.

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The second group of  5 organizations can present the workshop at their rink for a flat fee of $1,000  - and  pay nothing for GravityGlide’s travel expenses.

 Standard Booking

After the first 10 workshops are booked, GravityGlidesm workshops will be offered at standard rates. Travel expenses will be charged.

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After providing your contact information, click on SUBMIT to get to the Payment Button.  Register soon - workshops are limited to 30 skaters!  When a workshop is  full, we will help you find  the next  available that fits your schedule.  


Contact us now to schedule or find a workshop!

Contact us now to schedule or find a workshop!




The March 10th workshop after Midwest Adult Sectionals was held at the Monument Ice Rink and had a great turnout.  Thanks to our sponsor the Centennial Skating Club, and all the hardworking​ participants!


2019 Rates for Individuals

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Workshop fees are set by the host organization.

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